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Order Details

Orders - Willamette Nurseries will not break bundles, but can recommend several sources for quantities smaller than a bundle.  Minimum order quantity of any variety of container plants is one flat.  Note:  Every effort will be made to provide the size ordered, but sometimes substitutions are necessary.  Willamette Nurseries may substitute, without notice to the buyer, the closest available size and grade.  If substitutions are not acceptable, please tell us when ordering.  Also please tell us if your preference is to have a larger or smaller size.

Packing Charges - All orders requiring cardboard boxes will be charged $6.00 per box.  Large and small wood crates will be billed at $50.00 and $25.00 each, respectively.  Bare root orders under $500 will be charged a $20.00 packing/processing fee. Plants grown in containers will be charged an additional packing charge of $0,05/plant for palletizing and $0.10/plant for packaging in cardboard boxes.

Container Return Policy - A refundable deposit will be charged for plants shipped in containers or trays.  Deposit charges will be refunded if the pots or trays are returned in a reusable condition.  The deposit amounts are as follows:

2-3/8” x 2-3/8” x 5” ADTP $0.10/ea

2-7/8” x 2-7/8” x 5-1/2” ADTP $0.16/ea

15-3/4” deep square flat $2.70/ea

17” x 17” x 1-3/4” flat $0.60/ea

Deposit charges may be changed without notice

Shipping - Orders shipped before March 1st outside of Oregon, Washington and California must be shipped by pool truck, air freight or UPS 3-day air.  Customer assumes responsibility for loss from freezing or spoilage on UPS Ground shipments between January 1st and March 31st.

Classes/Scion Swaps - Willamette Nurseries will do our best to ship orders in time to arrive prior to your event; however this is not always possible.  We recommend scheduling your event as late in the year as possible to provide the best chance of receiving the rootstocks in a timely manner.  We will not be responsible to pay expedited shipping to ensure delivery prior to the event.

Deposits - All orders under $500 must be paid in advance or a credit card number provided prior to shipping.  If the credit card number is declined the customer will be charged $25.  Customers must pay a 25% deposit on all orders over $500 unless credit terms have been established.  The deposit may be forfeited if the order is canceled after December 1st.  Orders not secured by deposit within 30 days of acknowledgement may be cancelled. 

Credit Cards - Willamette Nurseries will accept payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).  Terms of net 30 days will not be extended to customers paying with a credit card.  Payment with a credit card must be arranged prior to shipping.

Canadian Orders - Canadian orders will be billed $50.00 for export documents.  Phytosanitary certificates will be billed at $25.00 each.  Root washing will be billed at 5% of plant cost. All orders to BC require fumigation and will be billed at cost.

Note: Import permits and border broker information must be received at least four weeks prior to shipping.  Please either send via mail or email them to

Mexican Orders - For orders to Mexico, please visit or contact Sr. Carlos Chavez at

All Orders - Willamette Nurseries will not break bundles, but can recommend several sources for quantities smaller than a bundle.  The clonal fruit tree understock is topped at 22”.  The seedling rootstock will be topped between 28-30” depending on the length of the root system, unless sold at a high grade.  If another height is required, please specify when ordering.  If a straight or branched root system is important, request at the time the order is placed.